Goodman Fielder takes animal welfare seriously and supports the Dairy Industry and MPI in monitoring and enforcing Codes of Practice around the ethical treatment of all animals.

While Goodman Fielder is not involved in the collection of milk from Dairy Farms directly, we require our suppliers to have appropriate programs in place. Our supplier management program conducts regular reviews of supplier compliance to these requirements and have confidence in the integrity of our milk supply.

Cage Free Egg Commitment
Goodman Fielder has committed to using cage free eggs for products we manufacture in Australia and New Zealand. A working group was established in 2016 to drive the execution of this transition. Our Praise whole egg mayonnaise and aioli products are already made with fresh Australian free range eggs and a series of other products are scheduled for transition in the first half of 2018. Goodman Fielder continues to work closely with our suppliers to encourage the investment in cage free farms required to complete our transition plan.


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