Life is different in the Puhoi Valley.

It’s a place where life is unhurried and community is real. In the Valley, food is one of the great pleasures of life. Our food has its origins in craft and tradition that’s been handed down through generations, infused with a distinctively NZ feel and flavour. It makes us who we are.

At Puhoi Valley, we love making, eating, and talking about food. More than anything, we love sharing food. We are passionate about the power of food that’s made with care and integrity, and tastes good, to feed the body and lift our spirits. And we’re excited to be part of a growing band of food producers and food lovers who feel the same way.

Puhoi Valley. A place where life tastes good.



For a full list of products, please visit the Puhoi Valley website: (New Zealand)


Puhoi Distinction Blue
Puhoi Valley Distinction Blue
Puhoi aged cheddar
Puhoi Valley Aged Cheddar
Puhoi feta
Puhoi Valley Feta
Puhoi single cream camembert
Puhoi Valley Single Cream Camembert

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Puhoi Valley Organic Milk Range
PV Flavoured Milks White
Puhoi Valley Flavoured Milk Range


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