As Australia’s leading pastry brand, Pampas offers consumers high quality pastry and pastry products that deliver guaranteed results every time. At Pampas we’ve removed the difficulty of making pastry from scratch to give you the confidence to create a variety of pastry dishes with ease. With over 80 years of pastry expertise, you can trust Pampas’ pastry sheets and shells to deliver the best possible result each and every time you bake.

Our frozen sheet pastry varieties include puff, shortcrust, and fillo. Pampas also has a range of par-baked sweet and savoury flan, tart and quiche cases and frozen desserts. Pampas products are widely available in the frozen aisle of major and independent supermarkets across Australia.


Product Facts
  • Pampas Fillo pastry is approved by the Heart Foundation
  • Pampas has reduced fat puff and shortcrust pastry options


Brand Success
  • No. 1 frozen pastry brand in Australia




Puff Pastry Pampas 6Sheets
Puff Pastry 6 Sheets
Puff Pastry Pampas 10Sheets2
Puff Pastry 10 Sheets
Puff Pastry Pampas 6Sheets Reduce Fat
Puff Pastry 25% Reduced Fat
Puff Pastry Pampas 6Sheets Reduce Fat Shortcrust Pastry2
Shortcrust 25% Reduced Fat 5 Sheets

Puff Pastry Pampas Butter 3Sheets
Butter Puff Pastry
Pampas Sweet Tarts Cases
Sweet Tart Cases
Pampas Sweet Flan Pie Base
Sweet Flan/ Pie Base
Pampas Savoury Plain Pie Base
Savoury Flan/ Pie Base

Pampas Fillo Pastery
Filo Pastry
Lemon Meringue Pie Pampas 500 grams
Lemon Meringue Pie Family Size
Lemon Meringue Pie Single Serves Pampas
Lemon Meringue Pie Single Serve


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