Three of Australia’s most trusted bakers – Buttercup, Country Bake and Sunicrust Bakeries – came together to create the Mighty Soft bakery range. Together these bakers combine over 150 years of baking expertise to ensures that Mighty Soft is always mighty soft.

Mighty Soft is the soft bread you love because it’s baked with mighty fine flour to take on the toughest of bread challenges. Best of all it’s baked with good, wholesome ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives, no added sugar and made with unbleached flour. That’s why we’re Australia’s favourite softy.

Mighty Soft offers a range of flavours and extends across traditional sandwich loaves, rolls, fruit bread, muffins and crumpets.


Product Facts
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • No added sugar


white sand
Mighty Soft White Sandwich
crumpet splits
Mighty Soft Crumpet Splits
Mighty Soft Crumpet Rounds
eng muffins
Mighty Soft English Muffins

Mighty Soft Hamburger
Mighty Soft Hot Dogs
Mighty Soft Multigrain Sandwich
white thick
Mighty Soft White Thick

wholemeal thick
Mighty Soft Wholemeal Thick
Mighty Soft Wholemeal Sandwich
RaisinToast Render RGB 150PPI
Mighty Soft Raisin Toast
CafeRaisinToast Render RGB 150PPI2
Mighty Soft Cafe Style


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