MeadowLea® has been part of Australian families since 1939. Today, it remains an Australian favourite as it provides a range of spreads that can be enjoyed by the whole family. MeadowLea spreads continue to be made with the goodness of Australian canola oil, grown in the fields that first inspired the brand’s name.

Over the years, the MeadowLea® range has developed to meet changing consumer needs, today it provides a selection of products and sizes.


Product Facts
  • The range provides at least 65% less saturated fat than butter
  • Heart Foundation Tick of Approval
  • Source of Omega 3 from Australian grown canola seeds
  • No artificial colours or flavours



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MeadowLea Original 500g
MeadowLea Light 500g
Salt Reduced
MeadowLea Canola 500g


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