Logicol is a spread that contains plant sterols, an ingredient clinically proven to lower cholesterol absorption*. The Logicol range includes two products, Original and Extra Light.


Product Facts
  • Contains Plant Sterols clinically proven to actively lower cholesterol absorption*
  • Source of omega 3
  • Salt Reduced
  • Source of vitamins A & D

* Based on 25g of Logicol spread, on 2-3 slices of bread daily, as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Additional consumption does not provide further benefit. Not suitable for infants, children and pregnant and lactating woman unless under medical advice. If you are taking cholesterol lowering medication, please consult your doctor on how to include Logicol into your cholesterol management program.



logicol.com.au (Australia)


Logical Classic Small
Logicol Original 500g
Logical small
Logicol Extra Light 500g


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