La Famiglia is Australia’s favourite chilled bread brand, with a full range of delicious garlic bread.

Our range of home-style breads are baked to authentic Italian recipes with quality ingredients, including garlic, fresh herbs and real butter.


Brand Success
  • No. 1 chilled bread brand in Australia
  • Australia’s best tasting garlic bread

Source: The Digital Edge – Omnibus research: Nationally representative sample of 1507 people, Aug 2015.


La Famiglia Garlic Bread 400g
Traditional Garlic Bread

La Famiglia uses pure butter, garlic and market fresh herbs to make its traditional style Garlic Bread. In traditional Italian style, we bake each loaf to ensure it is crusty on the outside and light and buttery on the inside.

La Famiglia Herb Bread 400g
Traditional Herb Bread

Just like our traditional style Garlic Bread, La Famiglia Herb Bread is made to a traditional Italian style ensuring it is crusty on the outside and light and buttery on the inside. Its unique horizontal slice is convenient (cut off as much as you need then freeze the rest!) and the perfect base for gourmet sandwiches and subs.

La Famiglia Garlic Slices 9pk
Garlic Bread Slices

La Famiglia Garlic Bread Slices are perfect for topping or eating just as they are. Ready in just 6 minutes, try using La Famiglia Garlic Bread Slices as a base for bruschetta or your favourite savoury topping. The perfect quick addition to any meal, our slices are available in packs of 9 or 16.

La Famiglia Pan Bread 6pk
Pan Bread

Each slice of restaurant style La Famiglia Pan Bread is generously buttered and dusted in Parmesan cheese.
Pan Bread is ideal for snacks, the BBQ, with soup, or topped to create an easy meal.

La Famiglia Stone Baked Garlic Ciabatta 330g
Stone Baked Ciabatta

La Famiglia’s Stone Baked traditional ciabatta loaf with pure garlic butter is delectable on its own or topped with chopped tomato, onion, fresh basil and olive oil for a delicious bruschetta.

La Famiglia Stone Baked Garlic Sourdough 480g
Stone Baked Garlic Sourdough

Baked with a traditional European sourdough recipe, our loaf with garlic butter is perfect with a hearty soup or light salad for a delicious lunch.


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