As a leading Australian oil brand, Crisco offers a range of high quality canola, sunflower, vegetable and peanut oils approved by the Heart Foundation Tick Programme.

Every bottle of Crisco oil is made from the natural goodness of premium seeds, such as Australian Canola seeds, and is produced using Crisco’s stringent quality processes which minimise ‘unhealthy’ trans fats.

Crisco Canola oil is a natural source of Omega 3 – lower in saturated fats compared to olive oil.

The Crisco range is available through grocery outlets including Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarket chains. Products are also supplied to food service and commercial sectors.

Crisco, The Healthy Oil Expert-TM


Crisco 750mL Sunflower
Sunflower Oil 750mL
Crisco 2L Sunflower
Sunflower Oil 2L
Crisco 750mL Vegetable
Vegetable Oil 750mL
Crisco 2L Vegetable
Vegetable Oil 2L

Crisco 750mL Canola
Canola Oil 750mL
Crisco 2L Canola
Canola Oil 2L
Crisco 750mL Peanut
Peanut Oil 750mL
Crisco spray oil
Crisco Spray Oil


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