Bouton d’or is a brand consumers have come to trust for its consistent quality and value. Best known for its delectable Danish style Bouton d’or Cow Feta, this style of Feta has a very creamy and slightly crumbly texture coupled with the distinctive saltiness of Feta.

Bouton d’or cheese can be enjoyed at anytime – straight from the packet, use it in cooking to enhance a dish or simply serve with crackers and a glass of wine when entertaining friends.

Bouton d’or is a crowd-pleasing brand with a delicious range of White cheeses, Blue cheeses, Feta and Fresh cheeses.





cow feta
Cow Feta
goat feta
Goat Feta
reduced salt cow feta
Reduced Salt Cow Feta
basil pesto cow feta
Basil Pesto Cow Feta

garlic cumin cow feta
Garlic & cumin Cow Feta
BD Fresh Sundried Tomato Feta RESIZE
Sundried Tomato Cow Feta
mini brie
Mini Brie

double cream camambert
Double Cream Camembert
BD Blue Brie 110g RESIZE
Blue Brie
blue vein
Blue Vein
creme fraiche
Créme Fraiche



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