Deep Frying Guide


  • Heat Oil gradually, ideal frying temperature is 180 °C
  • Lower temperature when fryer is not in use
  • Temperatures too high may cause oil breakdown
  • Temperatures too low can give a greasy finished product


  • Use a quality oil with a brand you trust
  • Top oil up regularly to maintain oil quality
  • Good frying practice will extend the life of your oil
  • Simply Cottonseed Oil and Simply Pure Rice Bran Oil are Chip Group approved oil


  • Reduce moisture on food surfaces before frying
  • Prevent small pieces of food floating or sinking in the fryer
  • Small fry batches reduce the risk of oil temperatures dropping too quickly
  • Shake as much oil off the fried product before serving


  • Make sure your thermostat works correctly
  • Utilise skimmers and filters regularly
  • Clean fryers often to enhance product taste and quality
  • Use fryer lids to protect oil from light and airborne particles

Oil Troubleshooting Guide

Oil Foaming

Cause Remedy
Excess starch in oil from chips or batter • If using fresh cut potatoes, wash and soak chips for at least 1 hour and drain well before frying
Frying at too high a temperature • Check accuracy of thermostat
• Reduce temperature during quiet periods
• Fry at recommended temperature
High moisture content of foods • Thaw and drain foods well
Overloading of fryer • Maintain an oil to food ratio of about 6:1
Soap or detergent residue in fryer or basket • Wash out with water only and dry thoroughly
Breakdown of oil • Replenish and filter oil daily

Oil Darkening, Breakdown of Frying Oil, Smoking

Cause Remedy
Frying at too high temperature • Check accuracy of thermostat
• Fry at recommended temperatures
• Reduce temperature during quiet periods
Salty Food • Salt after frying and away from fryer
Insufficient oil turnover • Filter and top up regularly
High sugar content in foods • Seasonal products with high sugar aid in oil darkening
Copper or brass • Avoid contact with frying oil with copper and brass utensils
Waste burning • Filter, skim and strain thoroughly and regularly

High Oil Consumption

Cause Remedy
Frying at too low temperature • Fry at recommended temperature of 180˚C
Food not draining off properly • Allow time to drain well before serving

Oil Splattering

Cause Remedy
Excess liquid in oil • Drain product well
• Roll fish in flour
• Avoid wet tongs or baskets

Greasy Food

Cause Remedy
Frying at too low temperature • Fry at recommended temperatures
Excess batter and crumbs • Use minimum breading or battering
High moisture in contents of foods • Thaw and drain foods properly

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