Nature’s Fresh Sandwich Face

Sandwich faces


Nature's Fresh sandwich bread

Filling of your choice


Jam monster.

Use the top of a bottle or small circle cookie cutter and press it into one slice of Nature’s Fresh sandwich bread to create the eyes. On another slice of bread spread butter and Jam (or any filling of your choice) and top with the slice of bread with the monster eyes cut out of it.  Create the monster mouth off by carefully cutting the sandwich in half in a zig zag shape.

Cheese, cucumber and ham monster.

For this monster sandwich, place the Nature’s Fresh slice of bread so the corner is pointing upwards, to create the eyes cut two half circles in the top of the bread. On a fresh slice of bread spread butter and top with Ham, place two slices of cucumber under where the holes for the eyes will be. Put the two slices of bread together and cut in half, leaving you with two triangle sandwiches. Slice the cheese into 2cm square cubes or with triangle shapes at the edge to create teeth. Place the cheese on the bottom sandwich to show the scary teeth!