Vogel’s is excited to announce the release of a unique, limited-edition packaging for its original loaves, after a special collaboration between two of NZ’s original favourites – Vogel’s and celebrated NZ artist Dick Frizzell.

The duo has teamed up to create a series of limited-edition Vogel’s packaging based on artwork exclusively designed and hand-painted by Dick Frizzell.

The new packaging is a fresh take on Vogel’s widely-recognised traditional label, and will give New Zealanders the chance to own a unique piece of Frizzell artwork – for the price of a loaf of Vogel’s.


“Vogel’s came to me and asked, ‘What would Dick Frizzell do with Vogel’s?’” says Dick Frizzell. “My answer was that I didn’t want to mess with New Zealand’s favourite bread brand because it’s already so good – so I just created my version of it.”

“For me, it’s an idea that was meant to be, as this isn’t the first time we’ve created art together. Vogel’s and I have a long and interesting history and I hope New Zealand likes it,” he continues.

To celebrate the partnership, Vogel’s is giving away one signed artist’s proof of the Vogel’s | Frizzell packaging print, along with thousands of other prizes.

Vogel’s bread is known as a ‘natural masterpiece’ for its use of carefully-selected whole ingredients, and has long been a staple in Kiwi pantries.

In addition, it has been voted New Zealand’s most trusted bread brand by both the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Awards and the AC Nielson Consumer Choice Awards.

Dick Frizzell is one of New Zealand’s most-loved artists, best known for his iconic piece Mickey to Tiki, which sold for a record $110,000 in 2013 and has sold over 30,000 prints in total.

His work is known for its kitsch, pop cartoon look and Kiwiana style, which is reflected in the new Vogel’s packaging.

For this special project, Dick hand-drew the entire Vogel’s label, including the famous Vogel’s wheat stook and Vogel’s logo, before hand-painting it using ink and gouache.

He then oversaw the scrupulous transformation from painting to digital artwork, which will replace the existing packaging of just 1,000,000 Vogel’s Original Mixed Grain Toast, Sandwich and Extra Thin loaves.

The collaboration was also inspired by the pair’s joint belief that artwork should be enjoyed by all and that everyday objects can be turned into art.

“Vogel’s is a Kiwi classic, so collaborating with one of New Zealand’s favourite artists to transform our packaging into a new Kiwi masterpiece is an amazing opportunity,” says Jo Sutherland, Vogel’s Marketing Manager.

Each loaf will come with a unique code to enter online at www.vogels.co.nz, giving New Zealanders the chance to win the signed original artist’s proof of the Vogel’s | Frizzell artwork.

In addition, there are 20 limited edition Vogel’s | Frizzell prints, 100 reusable Vogel’s sandwich wrappers and 2,000 sustainable jute shopping bags up for grabs.

Vogel’s | Frizzell loaves will be available to purchase while stocks last at any Vogel’s retailer NZ-wide, including supermarkets, dairies, service stations and Four Squares.

About Vogel’s | Frizzell:

Vogel’s and Dick Frizzell have teamed up to recreate the traditional Vogel’s packaging in an exciting collaboration of two of New Zealand’s original favourites. Dick Frizzell has hand-drawn and then hand-painted the Vogel’s wheat stook and Vogel’s logo, which has been transformed into digital artwork. The new packaging will be available in Vogel’s Original Mixed Grain Toast, Sandwich and Extra Thin varieties and just 1,000,000 loaves will be released from Monday 20 April. To celebrate the partnership, Vogel’s is giving away an original, signed artist’s proof of the Vogel’s | Frizzell artwork, as well as thousands of other prizes. Enter your unique code online at www.vogels.co.nz for your chance to win. Available while stocks last at all Vogel’s retailers nationwide.

About Vogel’s:

Founded on Alfred Vogel’s original Swiss recipe, and made with carefully selected natural ingredients, Vogel’s bread has become legendary throughout New Zealand for its unique taste, grainy and moist texture, and all too familiar aroma.


About Dick Frizzell:

Dick Frizzell is a celebrated New Zealand artist known for his skilled handling of paint and wide, inventive range of subject matter and styles. His pieces are often kitsch and Kiwiana-inspired, and include New Zealand landscape, comic book characters and still-life. His iconic piece Mickey to Tiki sold for a record $110,000 in 2013 and has sold 30,000 prints in total. Other well-known works include the ‘Four Square Man’ and ‘Grocer with Moko’.

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