Goodman Fielder has been informed by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) that Talbot Forest Cheese is recalling a range of products due to a potential risk of contamination with Listeria.

MPI received unconfirmed test results indicating the presence of Listeria in one of Talbot’s products processed at the company’s factory in Temuka.  Some Goodman Fielder products are also packaged at this facility.  

While there have not been any results indicating contamination of Goodman Fielder products, as a precautionary measure, we are conducting a consumer food recall of the following products:

Ornelle Halloumi 1kg

Bouton D'Or Halloumi 180g

Puhoi Cumin Seeds Gouda 150g

Puhoi Manuka Smoked Cheddar 125g

Puhoi Gruyere 150g

Puhoi Herit Creamy Havarti RDM 1.25kg

Puhoi Windy Peak Gouda RDM 1.2kg

Puhoi Summit Trail Gruyere RDM 1.25kg

Puhoi Smokey Gouda 70g

Puhoi Creamy Blue 70g

Puhoi Peppered Havarti 70g


No other Goodman Fielder/Puhoi Valley products are affected.

There have been no reports of harm or injury to any consumers and the products are being recalled as a safety precaution.

We advise consumers to contact the Goodman Fielder Consumer Advisory Centre on 0800 423 133 to obtain a full refund.

Goodman Fielder is concerned about any risk to its customers. This recall is being undertaken to ensure the safety of our customers as an ongoing commitment to maintain the highest possible standards of safety and product quality at all times.

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