Australians throwing away $10 billion worth of food a year

Matt Stone and Pampas launch ‘Re-pie-cling’ movement to tackle food waste

  • $63 billion spent on purchasing food each year in Australia with $10 billion of this becoming food waste
  • Aussie households waste an average of $1,000 each year on uneaten food
  • 92% of Australian households throw out cooked food each week
  • 71% of Australians want to be more sustainable in the kitchen

Almost a sixth of the weekly grocery shop is thrown away, with Aussie households wasting as much as $10 billion in uneaten food each year, according to new Galaxy Research commissioned by Pampas Pastry^. To help Aussies become more sustainable in the kitchen and get more creative with their leftovers, renowned sustainable chef, Matt Stone has partnered with Pampas Pastry to launch ‘Re-pie-cling’.

While the research shows that the majority of Australians (95%) are already trying to reduce their weekly food bills and be more sustainable in the home (93%), food waste is continuing to grow in kitchens around the country, with the average household binning more than $1,000 in uneaten food each year^.

Australian chef and pioneer in sustainable cooking, Matt Stone, comments “It’s great to see so many Aussies are trying to be more sustainable in the kitchen. Food waste is such a big issue in this country and we can each do our bit to help. It’s a lot easier than most people think, particularly with initiatives like Re-pie-cling, which tap into existing behaviours that people are already familiar with”.

“It’s just a matter of popping yesterday’s leftovers into some Pampas Pastry and then popping that into the oven – all the while being mindful of the importance of food safety when using leftovers of course! What you end up with is a reinvented meal and renewed excitement for the food. What’s more, almost any dish can be Re-pie-cled from savoury meals like Spaghetti Bolognese right through to desserts like left over fruit salad and custard.”

The research shows that 70% of Australians are using leftovers as a way to save on their food bill^. The most popular ways to use leftovers is for lunch or as a snack (86%), for dinner the following night (71%) or freezing them to eat at some other time (63%). However despite this, around one in five (18%) admit to saving leftovers but then throwing them away after a few days.

The research also reveals there is already a hunger among Australians to be more diverse when it comes to pie fillings with beef casserole (63%), roast chicken (59%), lamb stew (57%) and roast beef (54%) identified as the most appealing dishes for Re-pie-cling^.

Matt Stone adds “Re-pie-cling doesn’t just have to be restricted to leftovers as 85% of Aussies are also throwing out fruit or vegetables that are no longer looking their finest^. This opens up opportunities for both sweet and savoury recipes and make good use of fresh produce that otherwise would have ended up in the bin.”

To help Aussies get started at home, Matt have has created a series of Re-pi-cling recipes:

  1. Baked Custard, Apple and Bread Tart
  2. Curry Puffs
  3. Chicken and Vegetable Pie

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