For the first time Kiwis can enjoy half and half milk, a product made from half milk and half cream. New to New Zealand, Puhoi Valley Organic Half & Half milk is an organic premium product with pure indulgence in mind.

Inspired by taste, Puhoi Valley Organic Half & Half will help Kiwis take everyday culinary moments from good to great. The versatile Puhoi Valley Half & Half can be used everywhere milk would ordinarily be used, such as with porridge, your morning coffee or in a smoothie. What’s more, Puhoi Valley Organic Half & Half can be used in recipes to create indulgent baking and decadent sauces, in place of milk or cream.

Taking the time to take it all in, Puhoi Valley Organic Half & Half is a true indulgence.

“Half & Half is a premium, creamier milk product that has long been missing from the New Zealand market. Half and half milk products are popular overseas as a replacement for milk or cream in both sweet and savoury recipes for the luscious texture it creates,” says Amy Laing, Group Marketing Manager at Puhoi Valley.

“We know Kiwis will love the way they can turn the ordinary into extraordinary everyday, simply by swapping their ordinary milk or cream for Puhoi Valley Organic Half & Half.”

Puhoi Valley Half & Half is about finding a place of calm and enjoying ‘twice as nice’ milk moments. The milk has been homogenised to create an even texture and with 18% fat content, it is higher than milk, but lower than cream.

Puhoi Valley Half & Half is available from all major supermarkets nationwide.

Puhoi Valley Organic Half & Half is one of three new milk variants launched by Puhoi Valley, joining Puhoi Valley Non-Homogenised Organic Milk and Puhoi Valley Homogenised Organic Milk in the range.

About Puhoi Valley:

Founded in 1983, the Puhoi Valley brand is part of a growing band of artisan food producers who put heritage and craft at the heart of their products. Puhoi Valley lovingly turns rich, flavoursome New Zealand milk into some of the finest quality speciality cheeses, yoghurts, custards and ice creams in the world.

Now Puhoi Valley is proud to deliver an exciting new range of dairy products to kiwis.

Puhoi Valley is continually recognised for its quality through the accolades and awards it receives each year.

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