It has all the best bits that mums love, without the bits kids don’t

Getting kids to eat healthy, wholegrain bread can be a daily parenting challenge, so mums are going to love new Wonder Smooth Wholegrain.

It’s the only wholegrain bread that looks and tastes like white bread, so much so that kids won’t notice the difference.

The clever bakers at Wonder White have developed a recipe that both mums and kids will love – the goodness of wholegrains, ground smooth. Baked into the white bread that kids love, new Wonder Smooth Wholegrain contains all the best bits, without the bits.

With Wonder Smooth Wholegrain, children can enjoy high fibre wholegrain goodness in the delicious, fluffy and soft bread they prefer, giving mum the reassurance that she doesn’t need to compromise anymore.

Wonder Smooth Wholegrain is available from supermarkets Australia-wide from 11 April 2016. For more information, visit

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