New Zealanders can now enjoy premium muffin splits following the launch of new MacKenzie Oat & Quinoa, and MacKenzie Sprouted Grains & Chia muffin splits.

MacKenzie Oat & Quinoa muffin splits are packed with the goodness of rolled oats, white quinoa, and purple wheat, while purple wheat and rye are also key ingredients in the Sprouted Grains & Chia muffin splits.

Both are a source of fibre and protein, and are made with 30% whole grains.

“MacKenzie bakers have a long, proud history of using simple, quality ingredients to deliver delicious breads, full of abundant goodness that feed the soul,” says Andrew Fenwick, MacKenzie Marketing Manager. “Our new muffin split range is baked in the same spirit of high country New Zealand, and we’re proud to introduce a premium tier to the muffin split category.”

MacKenzie muffin splits are available in leading supermarkets nationwide, as well as selected dairies and service stations. RRP $4.99.

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