The launch of new Meadow Fresh milk will bring Kiwis closer to the farm gate.

“We’ve listened to consumers who are asking for less processed products and as a result we’ve taken a new direction with our Meadow Fresh brand,” says Marketing Manager Katherine Jensen.

“The new Meadow Fresh milk is more like the milk our grandparents would have enjoyed. Rich and creamy, but with the same fat content as standard variations of milk and is still sourced from New Zealand’s hard working, trusted dairy farmers.

“Our new direction is part of our ongoing commitment to producing natural, wholesome and nutritious food products for New Zealanders,” says Katherine.

The new Meadow Fresh Milk is less processed across the entire range of blue, light blue, and trim, with Meadow Fresh no longer adding permeate back into their milk to standardise it. Milk without permeate has high levels of protein and calcium and a rich, creamy taste.

Permeate is a safe and natural part of milk, typically removed and then added back in during milk processing for a standard product year round.

“Protein and calcium is naturally occurring in all milk but levels fluctuate with seasonal conditions on the dairy farm. Our new Meadow Fresh milk will reflect these seasonal variations but will always be higher than the minimum required standard for protein (3.1g per 100ml),” says Katherine. “In fact, throughout the year we will have on average 25% more protein in our Meadow Fresh Original milk than the minimum required levels.”

Katherine says in tasting and usage trials, the new milk has been enthusiastically received. “People also tell us it makes great coffee.”

She says Meadow Fresh is leading the way in offering consumers increased choice. “People can choose from a variety of milk from supermarket private label brands to boutique milks.”

Meadow Fresh milk also has a new look, sturdy bottle, which now semi-opaque so you can still see how much is left. The bottle has a handy measuring guide on the side, and a new jug-like shape means even kids can pour with confidence.

“It’s also worth pointing out that we are absorbing the additional costs associated with the launch of no added permeate milk and the new look bottle,” says Katherine.

For more information on Meadow Fresh Less Processed Milk or a nutritional breakdown, please visit our website:

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