Meadow Fresh has launched Protein Boost milk, a nutritious new product with double the protein of Meadow Fresh Original milk1 that is ideal for a wide range of Kiwis

In addition to the 12 grams of protein per serve, it also contains half a day’s recommended intake of calcium in just one 200ml glass.

Protein Boost is the latest addition to the wide range of Meadow Fresh products that is part of the brand’s push to deliver innovative and great tasting products to New Zealanders.

“The New Zealand Food and Nutrition Guidelines recommend adults consume at least two serves of milk and milk products a day, preferably reduced or low fat options, as they contain protein, calcium and certain vitamins and minerals,” says Harsha Mantri, Product Guidance Dietitian at Goodman Fielder.

“Protein is an important nutrient at every stage of life, it is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of cells, hence protein is necessary for tissue building and repair as well as contributing to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

“Meadow Fresh Protein Boost provides those benefits naturally in milk but with extra protein; it has double the protein content compared to our Original milk, contributing to 25% of the RDI for protein and 50% RDI for calcium in a serve.”

Meadow Fresh Protein Boost is available exclusively at Foodstuffs supermarkets, as well as selected convenience stores nationwide.

  1. Meadow Fresh Protein Boost contains 6.2g/100ml of protein compared to 3.1g/100ml in Meadow Fresh Original Milk

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