The very productive off-season for the SKYCITY Breakers just got better today with the announcement of a significant new partnership with Meadow Fresh, one that speaks to the core values of the club and what they achieve off court, as much as the fifth championship they will try and win on the floor this season.

SKYCITY Breakers General Manager Dillon Boucher and new imports DJ Newbill and Edgar Sosa visited St Joseph’s School in Takapuna today to make the announcement, with Meadow Fresh launching their commitment as the Exclusive Community Sponsor, in a new three-year partnership.

“This is huge news for the club and speaks to the very reasons for our existence,” said Boucher. “To make a difference in the community, to inspire children and give them opportunities through the supply of resources, expertise and the time of our coaches and players.

“Meadow Fresh share those values of investing in the community and children, to give them a platform and the tools to improve their health and wellbeing through education.  This partnership enables us to make a difference in Kiwi kids’ lives through sport and nutrition.”

Goodman Fielder Managing Director Tim Deane spoke at the launch of the Meadow Fresh Champions Programme at St Joseph’s School today.

“We are proud to work with the SKYCITY Breakers to provide children skills for living a healthy and active life.  Our Meadow Fresh brand is focused on growing goodness in our communities and we are excited to support these programmes to help make a difference at the grassroots level.”

Making a difference in the community is one of the core values of the club and recent figures are staggering.  The Breakers are walking the walk and are there in schools, working with community groups, young players and families.

In the past three years the club has delivered 24,660 basketballs, 3,580 coaching manuals, 13,360 skills books and directly contributed nearly 7,000 hours of coaching, both on location and at the SKYCITY Breakers headquarters at Atlas Place.

As well as providing the funding to expand the Meadow Fresh Champions Programme with basketballs, work booklets, coaching manuals, net bags and posters, Meadow Fresh will be supplying milk to children on all SKYCITY Breakers holiday programmes, as well as lunches for the coaches.

Meadow Fresh will also take pride of place on the back of the playing singlet throughout the season, a reflection of the significance of the new partnership.

SKYCITY Breakers import guard Edgar Sosa knew of the club’s commitment to the community when he signed on for the season, and recalls being influenced as a kid growing up in the States.

“Felipe Lopez was drafted to the NBA from my neighbourhood in 1998, and like me, comes from a Dominican background. To see him and to have someone like him to look up to in our community was huge, it gave you a sense of hope.

“Where I came from it was so easy to do the wrong thing, so having someone to look up to was so important, you have to have dreams and it is on you and your community to help you get there. It is so easy nowadays for kids to pick up bad habits and do the wrong things.

“If I can be a piece of that and be a help kids make the right decisions, to go to school, get an education and follow a profession. With the help of Meadow Fresh and the club, if I can talk to just one kid and help them find a sense of direction to follow their dreams and stay on the right path, I am all for it. If they can see someone like me and my team mates and have a conversation with us, that can give a lot of hope.”

Fellow import DJ Newbill knows more than most how important it is for a club like the Breakers to be delivering programmes and providing resources to children in the local community, remembering a special visit to his school and the impression it made on a ten-year-old with a head full of basketball dreams.

“When I was a kid growing up in Philly I was a big sixers fan and Allen Iverson was the star player, he visited our elementary school and I got a chance to meet him in person and shake his hand. His story inspired me, hearing about where he came from and how hard he worked to get to where he was.

“Mostly you just see those guys on TV but to meet Iverson and hear his story, that inspired me to play. I remember how I felt when he left, I was thinking I want to be like that, I want to play in the NBA and maybe inspire someone else.

“Basketball is much more than just going on court and scoring some points and what Meadow Fresh and the SKYCITY Breakers are doing is so important and should not be undervalued. It about community and living to good values, and anytime I can play a role and help someone else or just be that inspiration, I am all for it.”

For more information contact:
Andrew Dewhurst
Media Manager
SKYCITY Breakers
021 535501

Ra Fletcher
Sponsorship and PR Manager
Goodman Fielder NZ Limited
027 705 9742


Meadow Fresh Champions Programme – past three years

Programme 3 Year
 Balls  Bags  Manuals  Skills Book  Champ Work  Posters  Player Hours  Comm Coach
Breaker Ball                       20                 2,400                     120                     240                 8,000                          –                          –                     520                       80
Breaker Experience                       50                 3,000                          –                     250                 5,000                          –                          –                     500                     200
Champions Experience                       12                     720                       72                       60                          –                          –                          –                          –                       48
Coach Assist                       41                 7,380                 1,230                 1,230                          –                          –                          –                          –                     123
Mega Clinic                         3                     360                          –                          –                     360                          –                          –                     102                     630
School Assist                     360               10,800                 1,080                 1,800                          –               72,000                     360                          –                          –
Community Coach                 4,642                          –                          –                          –                          –               34,815                          –                          –                 4,642
 Total                 24,660                 2,502                 3,580               13,360           
                    360                 1,122                 5,723

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