Adorable trio star in new video for Wonder Smooth Wholegrain

In one of their very first brand partnerships, the gorgeous children of Bec and Lleyton Hewitt have appeared in a new campaign for Wonder Smooth Wholegrain, released today. Australia’s first wholegrain bread that looks and tastes like white bread has been taste tested by the junior Hewitts who give it a big thumbs up!

The ‘made for social media’ video was filmed in Melbourne at the world famous Melbourne Park. Mia, 10, and little sister Ava, 5, are seen watching their brother Cruz, 7, at tennis training. When lunchtime is called, we see that the Hewitt kids are just regular Aussie kids, especially when it comes to their lunch boxes – with their favourite white bread sandwiches made by Mum, and with no ‘bits’.

Except there’s a twist. Mia, who prefers wholegrain bread, is in on the secret, thanks to a little lunch box note from mum. It turns out the white bread Mum has packed is actually wholegrain – but the other two can’t tell – and continue to eat what they think are white bread sandwiches with gusto. This has been made possible because the wholegrains in Wonder Smooth Wholegrain have been ground so smooth that the bread looks and tastes white. This helps mums with the ‘age old’ parenting challenge of getting kids to eat wholegrain bread.

“This video was so much fun to do. I really enjoyed being on set. Ava remembered all of her lines and Cruz couldn’t stop eating the sandwiches between takes. He probably ate at least five sandwiches all up. I’m not kidding,” said Mia of the experience.

Behind the scenes, the kids continued to relish the sandwiches made with Wonder Smooth Wholegrain bread. They were served up their favourites, with Ava and Cruz enjoying ham and cheese, and Mia eating ham, cheese and lettuce.

“I really don’t like wholegrain bread. It’s full of yucky bits. But this bread with ham and cheese is the best,” added Cruz.

In between takes the kids amused themselves, with Ava colouring in and playing with her dolls, while Mia read a book and Cruz kicked a footy around.

New Wonder Smooth Wholegrain contains all the best bits, without the bits. And after putting it to the test, the Hewitt kids agree that it’s so good no kid will notice the difference.

For more information and to view the video, visit the Wonder White page on Facebook or YouTube.

Wonder Smooth Wholegrain Bread is available nationally from Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets.
RRP: $3.30




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