Goodman Fielder is conducting a voluntary consumer food recall of bread rolls.

The recall applies only to the list below of bread rolls with a Best Before Date of 2 October 2016. The product has been available for sale in Woolworths, Coles, Independent Supermarkets and corner stores, in NSW/ACT only.

No other Goodman Fielder products are affected by this recall.

  • Mighty Soft Hot Dog P6
  • Mighty Soft Hamburger 5″ P6
  • Coles White Round Rolls 6 Pack
  • Coles 6 Hamburger Rolls
  • Coles 6 Hot Dog Rolls
  • Coles White Long Roll 6 Pack
    Does not include Coles In Store Bakery products
  • IGA Bakers Oven White Round Roll P6
  • IGA Bakers Oven Hot Dog Roll P6
  • IGA Bakers Oven Hamburger Roll P6 Hot Dog P6
  • Top Slice Hamburger Jumbo 5 “P12 Bulk
  • UB White Round Batch Roll P6
  • UB White SD SUB P6
  • UB White SUB P6
  • UB White SD Round Roll 4″ P6
  • UB White Hot Dog Roll 7″ P6
  • UB AMERICAN SLD 5″ Hamburger Roll P6

There have been no reports of harm or injury to any consumers and the product is being recalled as a safety precaution.

This product is in the process of being recalled from stores and some may be in people’s homes. The company is advising purchasers to review date codes and contact the Goodman Fielder Consumer Advisory Centre on 1800 810 599 to obtain a full refund.

Goodman Fielder is concerned about any risk to its customers. This recall is being undertaken to ensure the safety of our customers as an ongoing commitment to maintain the highest possible standards of safety and product quality at all times.

Goodman Fielder apologises for any inconvenience.


Martin Cole
Goodman Fielder
Tel +61 403 332 977

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