Puhoi Valley has adapted two of its award winning ice cream recipes as the inspiration for its latest decadent milk flavours.

The new Puhoi Valley Colombian Espresso milk is inspired by the Matakana Roasted Coffee Affogato ice cream (winner of Best Premium Ice Cream, Best New to Market, and Supreme Award for Boutique Manufacturer at the New Zealand Ice Cream Awards 2016). The new Puhoi Valley Spiced White Chocolate milk is based on the 2015 award winning Chai Latte ice cream (winner of the Supreme Award for a Boutique Manufacturer at the 2015 awards).

Ashleigh Anderson, Puhoi Valley Brand Manager, wants the rest of New Zealand to experience the flavours.

“The award winning ice creams are sensational but are currently only available at our café in Puhoi. We couldn’t wait to share the flavours with the rest of New Zealand,” she says.

“We already have the Belgian Chocolate and Caramel & White Chocolate milks which have been phenomenally successful, and we expect that Kiwis will love the Colombian Espresso, and Spiced White Chocolate milks with equal passion.”

The unique Spiced White Chocolate milk is a beautiful blend of aromatic spices underpinned with white chocolate notes – a perfect chilled milk on a summer’s day.

The Colombian Espresso milk takes on the vibrant and strong values of Colombian coffee, balanced by the creaminess of fresh whole milk. It takes the iced latte craze to new heights.

Both are perfect paired with a premium cookie.

The new flavours are due to hit the shelves on 27th September and will be available at all good supermarkets, dairies, service stations and cafes.

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