Culture of Learning and Development

It is essential that every employee at Goodman Fielder is given an equal opportunity to realise their career potential. We recognise that each person has different career goals and as such we have designed a framework to support individual growth and development.

We ensure individual performance and development planning, offering challenging work experience and project opportunities whilst coaching, mentoring and providing leadership development programmes. We strive towards a culture of continuous learning and further development opportunities across the business.

Well-Being at Work

At Goodman Fielder we aim to help keep the minds and bodies of our people healthy, and we are strongly committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees. We offer flexible work practices for high performing people which can be accessed with agreement from your manager. Additionally, we offer various corporate discounts which may include (depending on your location) gym memberships, annual flu vaccinations and other wellbeing initiatives.

Rewards and Recognition

We value the diversity of our people as we strive to build an inclusive environment where all of our people have the opportunity to flourish. By building an inclusive working environment we build a team with a diversity of ideas and opinions, where creativity is fostered, resulting in a stronger and more innovative organisation.

We offer a variety of succession planning initiatives, rewards and recognition incentives, combined with a diverse and respectful working environment which makes Goodman Fielder an employer of choice for talented individuals. We recognise that every employee is unique and we strive to create an inclusive workplace where our people will thrive.


Parental Leave

Goodman Fielder recognises that many employees look forward to starting or adding to their family. We ensure that you have further support during this exciting time by offering paid parental leave.

Employee Assistance Program

We offer our employees a free confidential counselling service which allows you to feel comfortable knowing that you are able to discuss any work or personal issues in a safe and neutral environment. We have a 24 hour service with an abundance of wellbeing resources and self-help tools to guide you.


Goodman Fielder operates a subsidised Healthcare Insurance Scheme where you can benefit from significantly reduced premiums through selected providers.

Variety of Corporate Discounts

We offer various corporate discounts which may include (depending on your location) gym memberships, banking packages, restaurant and eatery discounts, store discounts, discounted computer packages and reduced rates for car, hotel and travel bookings.

Study Assistance

At Goodman Fielder we support and encourage our employees’ development and education by assisting them in job and career related fields. We encourage the relevance of the chosen course of study to your current role and career ambitions and endeavour to invest in you furthering your training and skills in order to benefit both yourself and the business.

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