Our purpose at Goodman Fielder is to ‘create food that people love’ and we understand this means more than just a great taste. Goodman Fielder strives to identify and minimise the potential impacts on communities and the environment from sourcing our ingredients. We share community concerns about the impacts of deforestation and we strive to identify and eliminate deforestation in our supply chain, including from the sourcing of palm oil derived ingredients.

We are a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and support the production of sustainable palm oil. In 2013, Goodman Fielder committed to sourcing certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) for all Goodman Fielder products in Australia and New Zealand using the mass balance supply chain model. We have achieved supply chain certification for 26 manufacturing sites and over 95% of the palm oil contained in the ingredients we use in Australia and New Zealand is CSPO (mass balance).

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