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MacKenzie High Country Bread is traditional, rustic style bread that is big and honest.

For ‘real food’ loving New Zealanders, MacKenzie High Country Bread is the bread that connects them with the rich bread making history and spirit of the New Zealand high country.

The brand is recognised for quality and innovation. Loaves are sold in paper bags and the baking process uses overnight natural fermentation to produce a traditional look and taste.

Available in New Zealand from all supermarkets and in most convenience stores nationwide.


MacKenzie Southern Grain Toast 800g

MacKenzie Southern Grain

MacKenzie Station Seed & Grain Toast 800g

Mackenzie Station Seed and Grain

MacKenzie Craft Loaf Pioneer Toast 500g


MacKenzie Craft Loaf Settlers Toast 500g


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September 30, 2015
Bread,New Zealand

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