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Lawson’s Traditional Bread is baked in the spirit and traditions of country Australia, where bread took time, was generous in size and full of abundant goodness.

Starting with nature’s simplest ingredients (and absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives), every Lawson’s loaf is made from natural seeds and grains and baked in a wide tin for extra-thick, generous slices.  Each Lawson’s loaf is packaged in a special brown paper bag.


Lawson's Stone Mill Wholemeal

Our healthy, delicious, great tasting Stone Mill Wholemeal loaf is baked with wholemeal flour rich in flavour and uncompromised in its nutritional value.

Lawson's Settlers Grain

Using the goodness of wholesome kibbled wheat, Settlers' Grain is simple yet tasty traditional bread. The kibbled wheat gives the bread a wholesome, richer feel and most importantly flavour you can see.

Lawson's Original White

Our Original White loaf is baked in the spirit of country Australia, brimming with nature’s simplest ingredients. Enjoy toasted or loaded up with your favourite fillings for the ultimate sandwich.

Lawsons-Homestead Seed & Grain

Our hearty, full-of-flavour Homestead loaf is packed full of seeds and grains for a wholesome sandwich.
Lawsons-Homestead Seed Grain

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November 1, 2015

If you’re interested in supplying one of our products, or would like to do business with us we’d love to hear from you.