Helga’s bakes premium European inspired breads with contemporary Australian tastes in mind. Helga’s is made with passion and creativity – it is to be savoured by the senses.

Products extend across traditional bread loaves with flavours that include wholemeal, white, mixed grain, wholemeal grain, light rye, soy & linseed and pumpkin seed & grain. Helga’s also has a range of wraps and Lower Carb, Gluten Free and European black breads.

Helga’s began baking bread in 1990 and the range is available across grocery outlets in Australia including major and independent supermarkets and convenience stores.


Brand Success
  • No. 1 Premium bread brand in Australia



Helga's Traditional Wholemeal
Helga's Mixed Grain
Helga's Traditional White
Helga's Light Rye

Helga's Soy & Linseed
Helga's Pumpkin Seed & Grain
Helga's Wholemeal Grain
Helga's Quinoa & Flaxseed

Helgas Gluten Free Sunflower Red Quinoa 580g
Helga's Gluten Free Sunflower & Red Quinoa
Helgas Gluten Free 5 Seeds 501x387
Helga's Gluten Free 5 Seeds
Helga sLowCarb5Seed
Helga's Lower Carb 5 Seeds
Helga sLowCarbSoyToastedSesame
Helga's Lower Carb Soy & Toasted Sesame

Helga s Lower Carb Wholemeal seed Higher Protein Low GI 300x247
Helga's Lower Carb Wholemeal & Seed
HelgasWrapMixedGrain 540x507
Helga's Wrap - Mixed Grain
Helga's Wrap - Traditional White
Helga sWrapLowerCarbWholemeal
Helga's Wrap - Wholemeal Lower Carb

Helga's Black Rye
Helga's Schinkenbrot
sweetsourrye 150x150
Helga's Sweet & Sour Rye
Helgas Gluten Free Soy Linseed 580g
Helga's Gluten Free Soy & Linseed


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