Quality Bakers Auckland

Quality Bakers Auckland is New Zealand’s largest baking site. Our flagship baking site produces our iconic bread brands such as Vogel’s, Nature’s Fresh, Freya’s, Molenberg and MacKenzie. We produce approximately 160,000 bread loaves and 200,000 buns and rolls that are delivered to our North Island customers daily.

With over 200 employees, our team is responsible for baking, quality testing, storing, packing and distributing our delicious product. Quality Bakers Auckland runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are 4 plants, with one plant dedicated to the legend that is Vogel’s.

Quality Bakers Auckland was opened on 18 October 1989 by the Mayor of Manukau, Mr Barry Curtis.


Hot Plate

Our Hot Plate site, based out in East Tamaki, originally started as a dairy in the 1970s. The site has since grown and expanded to bake muffins, crumpets, garlic bread and ice cream cones for trusted brands such as Quality Bakers and La Famiglia.

Hot Plate became the first Bakery in the Northern region to achieve British Retail Consortium accreditation – an industry leading safety and quality certification. The team at Hot Plate strive for the highest quality levels and are proud of their achievements to date.

Staffed by over 60 passionate employees – Hot Plates produces approximately 200,000 units a week and experience the highest demand in winter with increased demand for seasonal products such as crumpets and muffin splits.



Irvines is home to our pastry based products both baked and frozen. Our products include the iconic Irvines pie as well as the much loved Georgie Pie. Based in Wiri, South Auckland, Irvines was first established in 1917

With a team of over 80, Irvines makes a staggering 10,000 pies per hour. 


Puhoi Cheese

Puhoi is our specialty cheese site and is located 45 minutes north of Auckland.   We produce have a variety of specialty cheeses includingcamembert, brie, feta, goat’s cheese, and blue cheese for our premium cheese brand Puhoi as well as Ornelle and Bourton D’or.

The factory, nestled in the upper reaches of the picturesque Puhoi Valley, was originally a goat farm.  In 1983 a small manufacturing plant was built to convert goats’ milk into ice cream powder and camembert. It wasn’t long before the factory diversified into making cheese from cows’ milk and broadened the product range to include feta.

With over 70 employees onsite, our team are passionate about cheese. Since 2011, Puhoi Valley Cheese Café has become a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Cheese and café enthusiasts have the opportunity to sample our fine cheese, view some of the cheese making process whilst taking in the idyllic views of Puhoi.

Once a year cheesemakers of New Zealand submit their most prized cheeses to be judged for the Champions of Cheese Awards. A number of Puhoi cheeses have been awarded this prestigious accolade and the team looks forward to putting forward our newest creations each year.

Palmerston North
Ernest Adams

Founded in 1928, Ernest Adams has become one of New Zealand’s favourite bakery brands.

Ernest Adams produces delicious sweet baking including ready-made cakes, desserts and Christmas baking. The range includes slices, loaves, cookies, éclairs, brandy snaps, meringues, profiteroles, cakes sponges, puddings and tarts.

With over 100 in the Ernest Adams team, the site experiences peak demand over Christmas where seasonal products such as Christmas cakes, puddings, fruit mince tarts and trifle sponges are sold in both local and overseas markets.


Longburn Dairy

Our Longburn Dairy Site produces Meadow Fresh milk and yoghurt alongside cultured products such as sour cream, cream cheese and cottage cheese.

The site was originally home to the Manawatu Dairy Co-op in the 1960s who manufactured a variety of ingredients such as lactose, casein, milk biscuits, powder and butter.

With over 200 employees on-site, the team work collaboratively to ensure our dairy products are delivered to all our customers across the North Island.

Quality Bakers Dunedin

Quality Bakers Dunedin produce iconic bread brands that include Nature’s Fresh, Molenberg, Freya’s, Vogel’s, and MacKenzie. The team also create buns and rolls for the food service industry.

Quality Bakers Dunedin was originally the Holsum bakery before it was acquired by Quality Bakers in 1984. While production has evolved and the product range made on site has expanded, Quality Bakers Dunedin has remained at the same location in Kaikorai Valley.

With over 70 employees on-site, our people enjoy working across a variety of roles involving baking, slicing, packing and distributing our products with Central Otago at their doorstep.. 

Quality Bakers Huntly

Quality Bakers Huntly was originally established in 1914 as a family business that operated as Rivermill Bakery. It is located at the southern end of the Huntly township near the banks of the mighty Waikato River. The bakery is recognised as one of the major contributors to the local economy alongside the Huntly power station as well as the farming and mining community.

The business was acquired by Goodman Fielder in 2007, inheriting three production plants consisting of bread, cookies and small goods which produce buns and rolls. The bread plant continues to produce the original Rivermill brand along with our Quality Bakers products.

There is a lingering aroma of cinnamon and spices at our small goods plant over Easter as hot cross buns are made round the clock.

A tight knit team of over 40 staff look after both Quality Bakers Huntly and Quality Bakers Huntly Gluten Free.


Quality Bakers Huntly Gluten Free

Huntly is home to 7000 people and  New Zealand's largest thermal power station.

We have a dedicated Gluten Free bakery which runs 24 hours a day making our gluten free Vogel’s range as well as our gluten free Ernest Adams products.

In 2010 the building and equipment at the original Quality Bakers Huntly, which was acquired by Goodman Fielder in 2007, underwent major capital investment and upgraded to what is now known as the innovative and specialised gluten free Plant.

Hawke's Bay
Quality Bakers Hawke's Bay

Quality Bakers Hawkes Bay located in Onekawa Napier was previously named Hawkes Bay Bakeries. The site produces bread brands such as Nature’s Fresh, Molenberg and River Mill..

Prior to becoming Quality Bakers, Hawkes Bay Bakeries originated as a wartime cooperative between the two main bakeries in Napier, the Parade bakery and the Thompson bakery. In 1968, the company become a founding member of the Quality Bakers cooperative under the name Quality Bakers (Hawkes Bay) Ltd.

With a small team of just over 20 employees on site, the tight knit team are focused on delivering the best quality bread daily. The “can do” attitude and culture within the bakery only adds to the benefits of living and working in the sunny Hawkes Bay.

Quality Bakers Wellington

Our Quality Bakers Wellington site bakes bread within our Quality Bakers, Vogel’s, Freya’s, Country Split, Molenberg, Nature’s Fresh, Sunny Crust, and Rivermill brands. The site also bakes house brand and catering products for the food service industry. Our site has the capacity to produce 5100 loaves per hour making it the second fastest site within Goodman Fielder.

The site was built in 1986 and was previously located at VIC corner in Lower Hutt.  When the new plant was commissioned in 1986 everything was new, other than two bread mixers and the bun make up plant which were transferred from the old bakery.

With over 40 employees on-site, our people enjoy working together closely to produce, quality check, pack, and distribute our products.

Quality Bakers Wellington also functions as a depot where our products are picked up by contractors and delivered to our customers.

Quality Bakers Nelson

Our Quality Bakers site in Nelson bakes bread for key brands such as Quality Bakers, Vogel’s, MacKenzie, Freya’s, Country Split, Molenberg, Nature’s Fresh and Rivermill. The site also has a  pastry line.

Located in Nelson, the plant services an area that extends some 175kms to the south but due to the mountainous terrain road deliveries can take up to four hours.

Quality Bakers Nelson started as a timber mill and joinery factory.  In 1964 three Nelson bakeries joined forces to form Goodman Black Haycock bakery and in 1972 moved onto the mill site where it stands today. The site was constructed by Sir Pat Goodman and was the beginning of Goodman Group NZ and served as the head office until 2000. 

With over 20 people on site, our people have a strong sense of ownership which has led to outstanding results. 

Quality Bakers Christchurch

Our Quality Bakers site in Christchurch, originally established by C. E. Boon in the early 1900’s, is located in Linwood, east of the city centre. 

Damage to the site as a result of the Christchurch Earthquake in February 2011 has seen bread production for the region move to our Quality Bakers sites in Nelson and Dunedin.  The site currently receives bread made at these sites under the Nature’s Fresh, Molenberg, Freya’s, MacKenzie and Vogel brands and also receives other Goodman Fielder products such as Irvines pies, Ernest Adams cakes and slices and garlic bread.  These products are then made into orders and distributed throughout the Canterbury and West Coast regions. 


Meadow Fresh

Our Meadow Fresh Christchurch site is located in Upper Riccarton and produces both fresh and UHT milk under our Meadow Fresh brand. The site also produces additional private label products and has distribution arrangements that provide milk to the South Island.

In the 1960s three local farmers from Canterbury started producing dairy products under the Meadow Fresh brand out of a small dairy factory in Russley Road, Christchurch..  50 years on we are still just as passionate about producing the best and freshest dairy products for our customers.

Meadow Fresh was the last company in New Zealand to produce milk in glass bottles. In November2005 production of milk in glass bottles ceased, marking the end of an era.

The site is currently undergoing a UHT plant expansion to cope with growing global demand for dairy. It is a very exciting time for the Meadow Fresh team of over 200 employees.

Quality Bakers Oamaru

Irvines Quality Bakers Oamaru was originally established by Alf Foster in 1927 as a bread and small goods bakery.The site joined the Quality Bakers co-operative in 1971 which went on to become Goodman Fielder. In October 1992 the site was converted from a bakery to a pie and savoury operation, as it remains today.

Our site has the capacity to make 6,750 pies per hour. The team of over 20 make between 200,000 to 250,000 units per week.